"...The farther north you come, the fewer philosophers you find. After Denmark, you only get poets and sagas." (French journalist)

"I alle fall er det slik at livet, musikken och kjœrligheten smaker mye bedre når man er edru." (Harald Gundhus)

"In any case it's like this: life, music and love taste much better when you are sober." (Harald Gundhus)

"Yes, I believe in beauty. There's too much ugliness in the world anyway."
(Tadd Dameron)

You have to practice improvisation, let no one kid you about it! (Art Tatum)

"All music is folk music 'cause horses don't play music" (Louis Armstrong)

"I play long tunes and I play short tunes" (Brew Moore)

"In this remote control, push button society there is a lot of arrogance.
People are gradually starting to believe that because they can switch from cd to video to television at the touch of a button, that they are actually in control of the art forms they are watching or listening to."
(Peter Guidi)

"There is much music with very little content around. It takes up much room." (Lars Sjösten)

 "You said more than you said." (Bert Dale)

"I heard you before you said it." (Thelonius Monk)

Lars Sjösten Octet plays the music of Lars Gullin. Pescara Jazz, Italy 15 juli 2007.